First Semester

Learning expedition: Inquiring critical zones

  • General introduction 6h
  • Learning expedition and Inquiry

Critical Zones and Earth-System. Micro & Macro Levels: New Inquiry Methods and Protocols

  • Introduction to Inquiry 32h
  • Investigating Territories in Critical Ecological Zones 8h
  • New Inquiry Protocols 11h
  • Archiving and Documenting Inquiries Workshop 6h

Critical Zones and Earth-System. Macro Level: Diagnosis and Modelling

  • Reports & Narrative of The Anthropocene 27h
  • Introduction to Complex Systems Modelling 27h
  • Scales of the Anthropocene: Territories, Milieux, Controversies 6h

Second Semester

Strategical Foundations for the Anthropocene: Technics, Institutions and Organizations

  • A Deep History of the Anthropocene 18h
  • Anthropology of Nature 6h
  • Towards and Beyond the Organizational World: a Historical Perspective 15h
  • An Analysis of Institutions and Economics 9h
  • Strategy 21h
  • Organizations in the Anthropocene 12h
  • Innovation in the Anthropocene 27h
  • Technics in the Anthropocene 42h
  • Complex Systems and Environment: a Case Study 13h

Learning How To Do Things (Micro Level): Community-Engaged Design

  • Rural Community-Engaged Learning Expedition
  • Institutions, Corporations, Territories, Risk, Vision and Scenario Mapping 24h
  • Designing 42h
  • New Arts & Crafts and Local Productive Models – Workshops 24h
  • Biotic and Human/Non-Human Communities Design 24+ Workshop 6h
  • Designing Engaged Design 15h
  • Esthetics and Experience 12h

Designing Organizations for The Anthropocene

  • Designing and Engineering at the Meso Level 20h
  • Environmental Accounting, New Metrics and Territorial Metabolism 27h
  • Industrial Organizations and Arbitration Protocols 6h
  • Redesigning Business Models and Ecological Redirection 9h
  • Design of the Commons and Public Policy 15h
  • Designing "Entreprises à Mission" 15h
  • Designing Law 12h
  • Designing Negative Commons 12h

Third Semester

Career Path and Internship

  • Documenting Workshops 12h
  • Tools for Professionalization 13h
  • Designing Jobs and Business-Models 15h

Professional Mission & Thesis

  • Master’s Thesis
  • Oral Defense
  • Company Assessment