[News] Publication of "The low-tech archipelago in France illustrated""

Excerpt from the presentation on the Low Tech Lab website:

Alone we go faster, but together we go further. The collaboration we are going to present here is the very example of this adage that we particularly appreciate at Low-tech Lab.
Christelle Gilabert is a freelance journalist specializing in technology, climate and environmental issues. At the crossroads of these paths, we find the low-tech that Christelle was interested in for Usbek & Rica or La Pensée Écologique. For the latter, she worked on a "cartographic essay" of low-tech in France. Better than a Prévert-style inventory, her article offers a snapshot at Instant T (here the summer of 2020) of the actors in this field through a pictorial representation inspired by the poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant: the archipelago.
The Low-tech Lab wished to contribute by proposing an illustration of this text, accompanied by a summary of the article by the author herself. From this essay, which is to be discovered in its entirety on the cairn.info website (paid content) and thanks to the collaborative work of three volunteer graphic designers - Caroline Boudehen, Laure Rey and Marjorie Masseglia - Christelle Gilabert's article comes to life through this drawing of the low-tech archipelago.