Students' projects


Yves-Marie Abraham
teacher course

Yves-Marie Abraham is a professor at HEC Montréal, where he teaches the sociology of economics and conducts research on the theme of degrowth.

After having co-directed the publication of Décroissance versus développement durable : débats pour la suite du monde (2011) and Creuser jusqu'où ? Extractivisme et limites à la croissance (2015), he published last year at Écosociété a personal synthesis on degrowth, entitled Guérir du mal de l'infini.

He is also co-responsible for the specialization in the management of social innovation within the Master's program at HEC Montréal, where he has been offering a course on "sustainable degrowth" since 2013.

Laurence Allard
teacher conference

Laurence Allard is associate professor in communication sciences. She previously studied semiology and sociology at the University of Paris-3-Sorbonne Nouvelle and EHESS. She teaches at the Culture Department of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Territorial Sciences (FSEST) of the University of Lille and is a researcher at the Institut du Cinéma, de Audiovisual and New Media at the University Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle. There she co-founded the research group "Mobile and Creation. She is also co-founder of the citizen science association "Labo Citoyen-Citoyens Capteurs" with which she was in residence at the Fablab of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de Paris and led workshops for the manufacture of DIY particle micro-sensors and data interpretation in different languages (dance, video, tangibilisation, games...). Finally, she leads expertise missions at ANSES and ADEME for the theme "Citizen pollution measures".

As a researcher, Laurence Allard has written numerous chapters, articles and books on the use of digital communication technologies in France and around the world from a socio-semio-anthropological perspective. She is also the translator of Donna Haraway for the anthology Manifeste Cyborg and other essays. Sciences-Fictions-Féminismes alongside Delphine Gardey and Nathalie Magnan.

Her work currently focuses on the citizen uses of digital technology, and in particular the smartphone in an ecocritical perspective in terms of content and materiality. She recently coordinated the issue 76 of the journal Multitudes, "Is it too late for collapse" with Alexandre Monnin and Cyprien Tasset, as well as issue 11 of the journal Sciences du design, "Anthropocène et effondrement" also with Alexandre Monnin and is preparing the book Ecologies du smartphone at Editions Le Bord de l'Eau with Alexandre Monnin and Nicolas Nova.

Her professional wiki :

Salwa-Ludivine Amdouni-Boursier
teacher workshop

Co-founder of Resiliere.

Salwa-Ludivine Amdouni-Boursier holds a bachelor's degree in Biology of organisms and evolution and a master's degree in Biodiversity, ecology and evolution. She has acquired scientific knowledge and skills in ecology. Previously, she has worked in horticulture (BTSA Horticulture) and in the integration of people in difficulty in ecology and horticulture workshops (workshop instructor certificate).

Her work as a person in charge of knowledge synthesis missions at the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity and at the Ministry of Ecology, at a national and international level, has allowed her to produce and disseminate this knowledge at the science/politics/society interface, in autonomy.