Students' projects


Patrick Degeorges
teacher course

Patrick Degeorges coordinates the professional training program of the Urban School of Lyon.

Philosopher, active member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS), scientific advisor on sustainability issues to France Stratégie and UNESCO, he works with many public and private institutions in France and abroad.

Until September 2019, he directed, at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, an innovative transdisciplinary training program, the Anthropocene Curriculum, to integrate into higher education the challenges of ecological and energy transition. From 2005 to 2010, within the Ministry of the Environment, in charge of the management of conflicts with large predators (bear, wolf, lynx), he developed an operational knowledge of wildlife conservation issues, and he continues to work in this field within the IUCN working groups. From 2010 to 2017, as head of emerging and strategic issues for the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, he directly participated in the design and implementation of new policies on biodiversity and adaptation to climate change, both nationally and internationally.

Martin Denoun
speaker conference

Martin Denoun is a PhD student in sociology at the Groupe de sociologie pragmatique et réflexive (GSPR) at EHESS. He is working on how the French nuclear industry is projecting itself into the future, studying the major changes that these visions of the future have undergone over the last few decades and their consequences on the nuclear power infrastructure. More broadly, he is interested in the way in which sociotechnical systems become fragile and break down.

He also participates in EnergiCorpus, a Franco-German ANR research project, which compares the discourses on energy transition in France and Germany using socio-informatics tools developed by the GSPR.

Thomas Désaunay
teacher course

Thomas Désaunay is an engineer and doctor in material sciences. His research in highly complex environmental technologies has led him to question the link between complexity and sustainability of systems.

He conducts research, training and popularization projects on low-techs. He is co-author in 2019 of the note "Towards Sober and Resilient Technologies - Why and How to Develop Low-Tech Innovation" at the Fabrique écologique. Since 2020, he has been working on the ORFEE project at the Campus de la Transition, funded by ADEME, which aims to experiment with low-techs on the scale of a school and to accelerate their dissemination. He animates training and low-tech workshops for schools, grandes écoles and NGOs.

His second subject of research and training is that of the strategic actor for the environment. Convinced that ecological action in France is burdened by 1) a predominance of the public action paradigm and 2) an excessive search for absolute knowledge of the system, he seeks to instill a greater strategic dimension in the design of environmental modes of action.

Thomas Di Luccio
teacher course

Interaction designer, teacher at Strate school of design and community organiser. He co-founded Common Future(s), a think-tank questionning the practices of design facing the Anthropocene.

Geoffrey Dorne
teacher course

Geoffrey Dorne is a freelance designer - in search of resilience, autonomy, he carries out social, environmental, interactive design, graphic design, information and message design projects.

Geoffrey founded the Design & Human studio, and co-founded