Students' projects


José Halloy
teacher course

José Halloy is Professor of physics at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Energies de Demain, LIED UMR 8236 at Université de Paris. He is teaching physics and complex systems modeling, in particular: complex systems and sustainability, prospective, physics of energy.

He is teaching in the Master E2S "Energy, Ecology, Society"; IPE "Physical Engineering of Energies"; ASE2 "Social sciences approach to energy issues"; Master Applied Physics: "The Physics of Energy”.

His interdisciplinary sustainability research deals with the coupling between materials and energy production in a complex systems framework. On the one hand, the energy transition is often seen as a problem of production of renewable energy without considering the material basis of this production. On the other hand, the analysis of socio-technical systems such as agriculture is often decoupled from all their energy and material consumption. Considering agriculture, we also analyze the world trade networks and the energy input in agriculture. We develop integrative approaches to analyze the material and energy foundations of past societies, present and possible future ones including social sciences inputs.

Nicholas Henderson
teacher workshop

Nicholas Henderson is a biologist and a designer, co-fonder of Collectif TAMA. The Collectif deals with relational design and develop investigation and (carto)graphic tools and mediation. TAMA is working with CSR department, local governments, local associations and third places working for the common good. Simultaneously, the Collectif leads researchs on indigeneous living culture to inspire new harmonies between humans and between humans and non-humans.

Teacher at the Design School of Strate in Paris, he shares his independant research work with students where he discuss the designers' role and practises in the Symbiocene. From the critic of harrowing Anthropocene imaginary, it is essential to re-delight the common consciousness and to root the design inside the living beings by empowering the designers intellectualy, technicaly and humanly.

Publication: "Un regard relationnel sur le monde, la Nature et un jardin", Sens-Dessous 2020/2 (N° 26).
Research website: Symbiodesign, enraciner le design dans le vivant.

Antoine Hennion
teacher course

Antoine Hennion conducted his first survey at Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation, as a student at the École des Mines, in 1974: he has never left it. The work was about two small record companies, already mixing music, tastes and market.

At the CSI, which at the time was developing the sociology of translation, which became famous under the name of Actor-Network Theory, he did not focus so much on the sociology of music as he did on the sociology of the acts that music offers, with its demand for performance in the present, its mediations, its amateurs, and its works "still to be done".

In situations characterized by fragility, indeterminacy and the need for commitment, such as organic agriculture, care and attention, the reception of migrants or ecological redirection, he collaborates in the pragmatist renewal of social inquiry with various collectives (Attachements, Pragmata, the PERU, Origins).

Maya Hey
conference speaker

Maya Hey is a Vanier scholar (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Government of Canada) and PhD candidate (Communication Studies, ABD) at Concordia University in Montreal|Kanien'keha:ka. She is also the recipient of the Public Scholars Award (2019) from the School of Graduate Studies and a former Fellow of the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Her doctoral research examines fermentation and feminist theory, particularly attending to the questions of collective ethics and interspecies thriving. She completed her master’s degree in Food Culture and Communication at the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (Pollenzo, Italy) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Administration.

Her work experience spans chemistry labs, culinary kitchens, organic farms, and food markets, where she has cumulatively garnered over 15 years of experience facilitating discussions around contemporary food issues.

She has developed an array of collaborative projects with audiences ranging from pre-schoolers to health professionals and aims to engage the everyday eater with practical knowledge. She is currently the writer-in-residence at Pressbooks and aims to infuse open educational practices into her work as a scholar, educator, and advocate.

She shares her thoughts on her website (, tweets at @heymayahey, and shares images on Instagram by the same handle.

Emile Hooge
teacher course

Emile Hooge is director and partner at Nova7, a foresight and design agency working for companies and public authorities.

He is a member of the Plurality University Network and co-founder of Imaginarium-s to launch collective explorations of the future through fictional narratives.

He also teaches in the Master Altervilles (Alternatives Politiques et Stratégiques pour les Villes et les Métropoles), run by the Jean-Monnet University of Saint-Etienne and Sciences Po Lyon.